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            March 12, 五福彩票6688下载

            Ostara through Beltane in pagan circles tends to include a deluge of fertility themes. This time of year also usually includes a dominating emphasis on male-female sexual pairing, especially cis binary sexual pairing, yet they are far from the only kind of pairing or fertility that exists. Read more

            March 8, 五福彩票6688下载

            Many people seek spirituality by looking to their own heritage and there is nothing wrong with that, but that heritage is not in any way a prerequisite to Celtic paganism. What makes you a Celtic pagan isn’t who your great-grandmother was but how much you work to understand that culture and its Gods & spirits. Read more

            March 4, 五福彩票6688下载

            The flexibility of this new resource book makes it a must-have as part of your witchy toolkit. Far from a dry recitation of the nuts and bolts of ritual writing, Witch’s Wheel of the Year is engagingly pragmatic with flashes of Mankey’s signature self-deprecating humor. Read more

            March 4, 五福彩票6688下载

            There are a lot of symbolic associations in pagan and magical practice which are often taken for granted. One such association is directions and elements. Another is gender and elements. I mention these two in particular because they don’t make sense to a lot of modern practitioners, myself included. Read more

            March 3, 五福彩票6688下载

            I teach a lot, and the bulk of my classes center around candle magic as it’s my preferred method of working. Across the board I’ve noticed that folks don’t know about three major candle magic techniques: butting, loading, and waking/programming. Let’s discuss! Read more

            February 27, 五福彩票6688下载

            At ConVocation, I saw virulent resistance to Social Justice Warriors, and in that, a resistance to what SJW’s represent – social change, inclusion, feminism, bodily autonomy and acceptance, and yes – anti-racism. The solution is not to shore up and hope SJW’s go away. Instead, it’s time to throw the doors open wide. Read more

            February 25, 五福彩票6688下载

            Ancestor Veneration is an exciting new topic for a lot of witches these days. As we learn more about the topic and its prevalence in cultures throughout the world, more and more people are coming to me and asking how to get started or what to do with their problematic ancestors. Here are some Dos and Don’ts. Read more

            February 24, 五福彩票6688下载

            The most common thing I see occur is friends and acquaintances struggling with effective and accurate results to their spells. Having a truly clear intention means you can see the result you desire, work backwards from that future result to the present, creating the path that will get you there. Read more

            February 19, 五福彩票6688下载

            Nonbinary pathways are often inherently liminal because they defy the standard paths and perspectives of our societies. I give my sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who was a part of the Nonbinary Ritual, and a part of my day at Pantheacon.  It was an amazing experience, and I will treasure it always. Read more

            February 18, 五福彩票6688下载

            Does a Deity call you into service, or do you approach a Deity and ask to embark on a relationship wherein you work with Them, or is the interaction some sort of combination of both? And where does personal agency fit into the landscape? Do we get to say “no”? Read more

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