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            March 11, 五福彩票6688下载

            Fear dismays and disarms. Love keeps calm, carries on, even if carrying on is a heroic change. A modern culture is most dismayed and disarmed when it faces an ancient evil that it thinks has been disabled and dismissed by our powers. We laugh at the silly devices and palpable falsehoods that great cultures embraced when facing the Plague. We would never do that, because we have Science (TM) and are reasonable nones. We would never demonize another people to explain our… Read more

            March 10, 五福彩票6688下载

            What we love defines our best possibilities and what we fear our worst. Love, desire, can be fuel to reason, but fear breaks down our ability to think. Fear is passion with no possibility of noble action, only of ever more evil possibilities. Love, like any virtue, can be twisted and so misused. Our charity may be false or weakened by fear or a desire for power.  “Fear,” as I am using the word, is a terror that is pure aversion. You cannot love what you fear… Read more

            March 9, 五福彩票6688下载

            By the grace of God I am a Christian, by my deeds a great sinner, and by my calling a 五福彩票6688下载less wanderer of humblest origin, roaming from place to place. My possessions consist of a knapsack with dry crusts of bread on my back and in my bosom the Holy Bible. This is all! If you face a medical crisis, ask a medical doctor. If you wish to know epistemology, ask a philosopher. If you wish to know how to… Read more

            March 8, 五福彩票6688下载

            Just now when we are once again being asked to choose between secularism, killer of millions in the last century, and fundamentalism, killer of millions in the last century, it is Shakespeare’s time. This is the time for broad, confident classical Christianity. A great writer can never be simply reduced to a narrow agenda, especially a writer who represents an ancient and honored tradition. So it is with Shakespeare who stands with Justin Martyr, Saint Basil, Saint Augustine, Saint John Chrysostom, Dostoevsky… Read more

            March 7, 五福彩票6688下载

            Great authors such as Shakespeare should be read and heard in their own voice, yet there exists a temptation to impose what we wish they were saying on them rather than what they are saying. This is hard not to do. Too often classical Christianity education makes this mistake. . .mining every writer for whatever dogma they already affirm. An equal error is to hunt older writers for falsehoods that we can use as sticks to beat modern dogmas of empiricism… Read more

            March 6, 五福彩票6688下载

            Growing up, there was always the kid who would roll his eyes at anything. If you liked Star Wars, he would call you a nerd. If you liked football, you were a dumb jock. Teachers were dumb, school stupid, and Christmas for babies. The vocabulary was limited, but mockery was there. Mockery is humor for the humorless. Wit is not needed to mock, mockery being what is left to a wag past his day. Satire and puncturing the pomposity of politicians is a… Read more

            March 5, 五福彩票6688下载

            Being sensible, we are all for reason and the sane wish to live taking reality into account. Fyodor Dostoevsky agrees, being imminently sensible and magnificently reasonable. “If reality stands in the way of reason, so much the worse for reality.”* A character in the novel Brothers Karamazov forces us to consider what to do when reason and reality appear to clash and cause conflict in our hearts and minds. How could this be? Imagine a court case where all the evidence points to… Read more

            March 4, 五福彩票6688下载

            This is the true story of Nicodemus Oppie: Cowboy Poet. Recently in describing my childhood, someone said: “Oh. You were a nerd.” Surely this is true and one piece of this nerdishness was the humor. My brother (nerd if I am) and I once ran an experiment at school to see if we could get “telephone pole” to become a thing. We used in every situation: “Oh, telephone pole.” This worked and when a teacher said: “Oh. Telephone pole” to… Read more

            March 3, 五福彩票6688下载

            American entertainment has reflected over the last few decades a shift from the family centered life to the work centered life. Life takes place in the office, we retreat to our apartment to rest. Younger Americans are moving toward a permanent “dorm life” with many no longer aspiring to buy their own 五福彩票6688下载s. The increased opportunities for work are good. For most of human history, a person knew their future in terms of a work. A person farmed, because almost… Read more

            March 2, 五福彩票6688下载

            I am from West Virginia, a part of the United States with a proud culture, but not much financial wealth. We created beauty in our music, worship, and handicrafts. Granny Reynolds made quilts whose worth could not be measured in dollars. Yet my grandparents did not learn to make furniture, smith nails, quilt, or cook meals for artistic reasons. They learned at first, because of necessity. If you wished nails to repair the house, then you fired up the small… Read more

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