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            March 12, 五福彩票6688下载

            More Of This Please: Astrophysicist and leading science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson warns that COVID-19, the novel coronavirus currently sweeping the globe, is a problem that must be “guided by science and not by magical thinking.” Earlier this week on Twitter Tyson tweeted: Like an invasion of hostile space aliens, COVID-19 Is an enemy of the human species that won’t negotiate. It cares not of your nationality, ideology, politics, or religion. This enemy of us all requires a global effort… Read more

            March 12, 五福彩票6688下载

            Because Jesus Is Magic: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland claims he can cure viewers of coronavirus if they touch his oily hand through their television set during his televised ministry. Right Wing Watch reports: Kenneth Copeland healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions last night.  Kenneth Copeland healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions last night. pic.twitter.com/8lwHufTIy4 — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 12, 五福彩票6688下载 In the video Copeland declares:  … Put your hand on that television set. Hallelujah. Thank… Read more

            March 11, 五福彩票6688下载

            Show Him The Money: Joel Osteen is not cancelling his megachurch services this weekend despite concerns over the coronavirus crisis. TMZ reports: Joel Osteen’s megachurch services will power through the coronavirus crisis — which has officially been classified a pandemic — meaning close to 50,000 people will gather to worship with him this weekend. Sources close to Osteen and his Lakewood Church in Houston tell TMZ … its 3 scheduled upcoming services — one Saturday night and 2 Sunday –… Read more

            March 10, 五福彩票6688下载

            Oh Ye Of Little Faith: Bethel Church, a “faith-healing” California megachurch that teaches that the power of prayer can “raise the dead and cure the sick,” admits that they are no match for the coronavirus. Raw Story reports: A megachurch in California that regularly conducts “faith-healing” sessions at local hospitals apparently doesn’t believe the power of prayer is strong enough to cure coronavirus. The Bethel Church in Redding, California, which serves as the spiritual 五福彩票6688下载 to an estimated 6,300 weekly… Read more

            March 9, 五福彩票6688下载

            Stupid For Jesus: In a disastrous public health move, the Greek Orthodox Church has issued an official statement declaring that the coronavirus is not transmitted via communion.   Greek Reporter reports: The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece issued a statement on Monday referring to the Covid19 coronavirus outbreak, maintaining that Holy Communion does not transmit the virus. The new, controversial statement comes after days of heated public debate in Greece about whether the Church of Greece should adopt… Read more

            March 6, 五福彩票6688下载

            When in doubt, blame the gays: Conservative Christian Pastor Steven Andrew, pastor of the USA Christian Church, claims that the coronavirus is punishment for “LGBT sin.” Advocate reports: LGBTQ people have been blamed for hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and other disasters — and now they’re being blamed for the coronavirus outbreak. Steven Andrew, pastor of the USA Christian Church — which appears to be a virtual, internet-based church — has declared March to be Repent of LGBT Sin Month, and… Read more

            March 6, 五福彩票6688下载

            Good News: Christian Prophet Cindy Jacobs reports that the coronavirus “will cease worldwide” because the virus is now “illegal” in the name of Jesus. In a silly but not surprising development, Cindy Jacobs, a popular Christian “prophet,” self-described faith-healer, and co-founder of Generals International, has issued a “decree that the coronavirus will cease worldwide.” Right Wing Watch reports: “Respected prophet” Cindy Jacobs assures everyone that “intercessors are on this” as she declares the coronavirus to be “illegal” and orders it… Read more

            March 5, 五福彩票6688下载

            “Lock Him Up!”: New York State Attorney General Letitia James orders televangelist Jim Bakker to stop claiming that his magic Silver Solution kills the coronavirus. Bloomberg reports: New York’s top law enforcement officer told televangelist Jim Bakker to stop making misleading claims about a product’s effectiveness as a treatment for coronavirus, saying there is no specific medicine available to prevent or cure the disease. According to multiple reports, New York State Attorney General Letitia James sent a letter to Bakker… Read more

            March 5, 五福彩票6688下载

            Blue-Eyed Jesus Approves: Christian nationalists are advocating for secession, and the formation of a white ethnostate, in a new video produced, written, and narrated by white supremacist Faith Goldy. Right Wing Watch reports: Faith Goldy produced a video for VDARE making the argument for “conservatives, white advocates, immigration patriots, and Christian gun owners” to secede from the United States in a video titled “Whites Have Rights.” Media Matters notes: The video argues for the “white right” to secede from the U.S…. Read more

            March 4, 五福彩票6688下载

            Bye Felicia: Conservative Christian darling and former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore lost his bid to win the Senate Republican primary. Salon reports: Roy Moore, the disgraced judge who lost the 2017 special election for Jeff Session’s former seat in Alabama amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, went down in flames on Tuesday in his effort to once again earn the GOP nomination. Moore ran his losing campaign on a platform to criminalize gay sex and abortion, saying he… Read more

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