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            March 12, 五福彩票6688下载

            IF YOU live in Redding, northern California, chances are that you’ve had a brush with deranged members of Bethel megachurch and its teaching arm, the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). They have the annoying a habit of haunting hospitals and health care centres where they lay hands on patients and pray for their recovery. How crazy is this outfit? Very! A while back its founder Bill Johnson, above, featured in world-wide coverage of Bethel’s attempt last December to resurrect… Read more

            March 12, 五福彩票6688下载

            THE recent appointment of Darrell Gilyard, above, a convicted sex offender, to the post of preacher at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, has been slammed by parishers – and a woman who claims to have been one 240 women abused by the pastor. Gilyard’s appointment, according to the The Christian Post, throws into sharp focus a close relationship the pastor once had with Paige Patterson, the disgraced former Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President who, apart from being an outrageously misogynistic… Read more

            March 11, 五福彩票6688下载

            RELIGIOUS leaders, Catholics in particular, are in a state of utter confusion over how Communion should be given in the midst of the the Coronavirus pandemic, with some advocating that the magic cracker should placed in the hands of the faithful, while others insist it’s safe to continue to administer it orally. In addition to that, there’s the vexing question of whether churches should remain open or be closed during the crisis. In Poland, for example, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, above,… Read more

            March 10, 五福彩票6688下载

            HUMANISTS UK has expressed outrage over the fact that the first new Roman Catholic state school in England for more than a decade is to established in Peterborough without the church contributing a penny to its costs. Ruth Wareham, above, Education Campaigns Managers at Humanists UK, said: It is outrageous that a new school that is legally allowed to select all of its pupils according to their religious background will receive 100 per cent of its funding from the public… Read more

            March 9, 五福彩票6688下载

            MEET Israel’s Rabbi Meir Mazuz, above. He’s an extremely nasty schlemiel with a tendency to say stupid things, especially about homosexuality. His latest display of ignorance and intolerance came at the weekend. In a talk given at a religious college,Mazuz blamed the spread of the Coronavirus on gay pride parades, and falsely claimed Arab states are spared, because they don’t allow such parades. His remarks quickly drew condemnation from rights groups, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which urged him to… Read more

            March 9, 五福彩票6688下载

            FORMER Oklahoma Governor, theocrat Mary Fallin, above, did some batshit crazy things during her tenure, such as bringing in a pastor to anoint furniture in the state legislature with holy oil and, in 2016, proclaiming October 13 to be ‘Oilfield Prayer Day.’ But she did do at least one sensible thing: in 2018 she allowed a ballot that saw Oklahomans voting by a sizeable margin (57 to 43 percent) to legalise the medical use of cannabis. But the “medical” aspect is… Read more

            March 8, 五福彩票6688下载

            LAST week, reporting for The Pink Humanist, I drew attention to the fact that the appearance of an ‘open lesbian’ in Disney’s new animated movie Onward, had so incensed the folk over at LifeSiteNews that they launched a petition calling for a boycott of the movie. Officer Specter’s lesbianism manifests itself in a single line of dialogue. At one point she alludes to the fact that she has a girlfriend. Far-right Christian LifeSiteNews is now gleefully reporting that Specter’s LGBT… Read more

            March 7, 五福彩票6688下载

            HOP across to Oprah Magazine and there you will be given several reasons why burning sage has beneficial effects. One is that ‘smudging’, as it’s called, reduces airborne bacteria. ‘Research has shown that burning herbs or medicinal smoke can purify the air and eliminate up to 94 percent of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours.’ What’s more “smudging has a connection to mindfulness,” says Shahinaz Soliman, MD, a family physician who specialises in combining traditional medicine with holistic practices…. Read more

            March 7, 五福彩票6688下载

            MELANIE L Kummerer,  above, former treasurer of Calvary Lutheran Church in Laureldale, Pennsylvania, was charged this week with embezzling about $391,000 from the congregation over a decade. Kummerer, 54, surrendered to detectives from the District Attorney’s office on Tuesday to face charges of theft by deception, theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received, security execution of documents by deception and related counts. She was freed on $10,000 bail. An investigation began in July when a representative of… Read more

            March 6, 五福彩票6688下载

            NEW Jersey priest John Bambrick, above, of St Aloysius Church in Jackson, is at the centre of a row that erupted after church officials said that an eight-year-old autistic boy could not receive his first Holy Communion because he was deemed unable to express ‘contrition for his sins’ as part of the sacrament of reconciliation. Anthony LaCugna, second son of a devout Catholic couple, was on track to receive his first Holy Communion in April but his parents – Nicole… Read more

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